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Waist Trimmer
Review Summary
The Waist Trimmer apparatus is a snug fitting neoprene belt that is said to trim the midsection and flatten stomach muscles, all by means of compression and insulation. The Waist Trimmer is adjustable and able to accommodate a variety of waist sizes. We are unsure, but it may be that the Waist Trimmer not only aims to actually reduce belly fat but also seeks to reduce the appearance of fat by functioning somewhat like a girdle or cummerbund. Still, with no third party clinical trials showing the effectiveness of the device’s ability to actually reduce fat through the means of compression and heat, it is hard to see how this would work. The device is also not FDA cleared, though it is not required to be. It would appear to need no assembly and is also discreet enough to go unnoticed under normal clothing so that it can be worn during almost any time of day. Users are not required to actively exercise while wearing the Waist Trimmer, and the device does not use any batteries.

It is difficult to tell exactly which company manufactures the Waist Trimmer. Furthermore, many different vendors sell apparatuses that go by the name Waist Trimmer. Each vendor has its own satisfaction guarantee policy or lack thereof, but we know of no standard warranty for the device. Some vendors feature toll free order lines, while others do not.

• Waist Trimmer can be worn discreetly under regular clothes
• Waist Trimmer may provide an immediate cosmetic improvement
• Waist Trimmer appears to be relatively affordable

• Waist Trimmer has not been tested in any clinical trials
• Waist Trimmer may not come with a standard manufacturer’s warranty
• Waist Trimmer comes with no bonus materials
• Waist Trimmer only works on the midsection

As we already mentioned, multiple vendors sell Waist Trimmer devices at this time, but they almost never include any bonus materials with it. These often retail for about $8 plus about $5.99 for shipping and handling. Some vendors ship internationally and some do not, but domestic delivery time is usually about one week.

The Waist Trimmer is a rather simple device that is inconspicuous and does not require that users actively exercise while wearing it. For these reasons it is sure to catch the attention of certain consumers. These individuals may also be motivated by the rather low price point of the Waist Trimmer. Still, consumers who are keen on proven results may lament the lack of third party clinical trials confirming the real fat reduction benefits of the Waist Trimmer and its heat and compression methods. It seems that all of these factors must be taken into consideration when trying to determine how best to spend one’s money.

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