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Torso Tiger
Review Summary
The Torso Tiger is an ab wheel attached to a knee rest. You place the whole apparatus on the floor, kneel on the pad, and grasp the handles of the wheel. You then slide out the wheel, away from your body, and bands provide resistance. This movement is said to tone and strengthen the whole torso, and it is reported to flatten stomach muscles. The Torso Tiger is small enough to move easily, but it is not portable in the truest sense.

You will need to focus on your form while using the Torso Tiger to make sure the right muscles are engaged. You will also need motivation and lots of effort to get the intended results from this product. The Torso Tiger is not made to tone other parts of the body. If any assembly is needed before you use this equipment, it is likely to be minimal and the Torso Tiger does not require batteries.

Like other As Seen on TV products, the Torso Tiger has little to no information posted about its manufacturer. This means no toll free number or consistent ordering information from the manufacturer. There is no FDA clearance or third party research results provided from the manufacturer for the Torso Tiger either.

• The Torso Tiger is compact enough to store and move easily
• You can use the Torso Tiger at home or at the gym
• No batteries or major assembly are needed to use this machine

• Torso Tiger can only be used to tone your midsection
• You cannot do other things while using the Torso Tiger
• You will need to concentrate on your form while using the Torso Tiger
• The Torso Tiger requires you to focus on your form while using it

The Torso Tiger currently retails for $50 to $60 at the various fitness websites that sell it. Because it is distributed through a number of vendors, there are no consistent shipping policies, costs, or times. There is no warranty or satisfaction guarantee for the Torso Tiger, though individual retailers may provide one or both. It doesn’t seem to come with any bonus materials at this time either.

The Torso Tiger is an ab toning machine that relies on stretchy bands for resistance. As the name implies, it is meant to tone the midsection and cannot be used on other parts of the body. Torso Tiger requires no batteries but may need light assembly. You can purchase this product through As Seen on TV type websites and other online retailers. At this time the Torso Tiger does not come with a warranty, satisfaction guarantee, bonus materials, or FDA clearance. You can find out a lot about a product just by clicking around the various comparison review and product demonstration websites around the web.

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