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Stamina AeroPilates Performer 4500
Review Summary
Stamina is a developer of home grade fitness machines and gym adjuncts. The Stamina AeroPilates Performer 4500 is one of their strength training machines, and it was designed to provide users with an effective and safe way to get their workout on, so their muscles are more toned and they lose fat too. As its name suggests, it’s designed to be used as part of a Pilates based workout. While exercises from Pilates can be performed without equipment or with an exercise ball, reformer based exercises are said to be very effective, but reformers are expensive and are most often found in Pilates studios. However, the Stamina AeroPilates Performer 4500 was engineered so that you can bring a reformer home with you.

The Stamina AeroPilates Performer 4500 is a floor based workout machine that was designed to fold away for easy storage. When you’re ready for a workout, it measures 85.25'' long x 17.5'' wide, but when folded away it measures just 44''L x 17.5''W x 9''H. Furthermore, the Stamina AeroPilates Performer 4500 can accommodate users weighting up to 300 pounds.

While it’s built for performance, with a powder coated frame, its developer suggests that the Stamina AeroPilates Performer 4500 is also designed for comfort, which is why they’ve included an adjustable head rest and high density foam shoulder pads, along with built in rollers, two standard resistance cords, and a power cord to provide optimal resistance and movement. An ergonomically designed sliding workout bench was also integrated into its design to increase safety.

The Stamina AeroPilates Performer 4500 is now selling for $245 and up on the sites that carry it. Its package includes the actual device, along with a 20 minute basic workout DVD, 15 minute bonus intermediate DVD, and workout chart. The developer also included a three year warranty on the frame and a 90 day warranty on parts. When The Stamina AeroPilates Performer 4500 arrives at your door, it does require a bit of assembly.

The Stamina AeroPilates Performer 4500 is sold via leading retail sites, where visitors get access to its features, specs, and dimensions. Some sites also post pictures of it in action along with customer ratings and reviews. It’s also often discussed on independent consumer sites, like forums and blogs, along with other leading fitness machines and core trainers. In fact, lately one of the most talked about core trainers is The Flex Belt, an EMS enhanced, FDA cleared, and sports star endorsed ab toning device that has also done well in clinical studies.

While all these features are nice, what often perks consumers’ interest is the fact that The Flex Belt offers an exercise free workout due to the technology used in its design. All users have to do is put it on, and it stimulates the core muscles so they workout on their own, leaving the wearer to do anything they want or need to. The Flex Belt’s website explains the technology, while also providing access to thermal imaging scans, testimonials, and a stellar photo gallery.

Final Facts
The Stamina AeroPilates Performer 4500 provides users with a way to get their Pilates workout up off the floor. According to its developer, it’s built for comfort and safety as well as performance. You can get more information about it on the sites that carry it, while also checking out the independently run discussion boards and blogs we mentioned above.

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