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Slide N Tone
Review Summary
People looking for ways to get in shape at home might be interested in the Slide N Tone exercise machine, promoted as a great product made for fitness beginners, intermediate and advanced exercisers. This exercise machine is made by the company Kymaro Products, which now sells a whole line of at-home fitness machines and weight loss products. The Slide N Tone is advertised to assist people with total-body workouts. Adverts for this machine state that it can effectively help target both lower body and upper body trouble areas.

The Slide N Tone machine is said to be uniquely designed to target over 90% of the muscles in the body. It is said to be suitable for strength training or just toning. The machine can be used to perform flatten stomach exercises, ab rollouts, stability pushups, flys, arm curls, chest presses and more. In fact, the company states that the Slide N Tone can be used for over 50 different exercises, including a number of exercises flatten stomach and tummy toning. The Slide N Tone comes with adjustable resistance straps that allow people of different fitness levels to progress as they exercise consistently with this machine.

Currently, the Slide N Tone sells for between $20 and $30.

At the time of this review, the Slide N Tone can be found sold at a few online retail stores and at the company website. Those people who order from the company website are said to receive a 100% money-back guarantee. It is not clear if this guarantee is also available when purchased from other retailers. The company site also now sells a Slide N Tone Seven Day Fat Burning Program and Nutrition Guide for an additional $4.95. This guide is said to offer a healthy blend of nutrition, exercise and lifestyle changes. It is touted to assist people with losing weight and to achieving flatten stomach goals.

Final Facts
The makers of the Slide N Tone claim that just minutes a day working out on this machine can facilitate consumers’ efforts for getting lean and toned. The company claims that continual, consistent use is needed to realize results and that it is important to follow a healthy diet and lifestyle program as well. All orders of the Slide N Tone now come with a free workout chart that will guide people through the machine’s fat-burning workouts.

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