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HealthRider H75t Treadmill
Review Summary
The HealthRider H75t Treadmill is a fitness device designed to promote cardiovascular training and flatten stomach muscles. It is not exactly clear if the H75t is marketed as a residential or commercial machine. It comes with a commercial grade motor and quite a few special features, but some descriptions suggest it’s designed for in home use.

The HealthRider H75t Treadmill features 15 different programs in addition to the conventional self designed treadmill workout. HealthRider H75t Treadmill includes 5 weight loss workouts, 3 performance workouts, 4 personal training workouts, and 3 create and save slots for your self designed options. In addition, the treadmill comes with a heart rate monitor, MP3 player plug in, and iFit Workout Card technology for a more interactive experience.

The FDA does not monitor the HealthRider H75t Treadmill, and it has not been put under clinical trial. The user will have to spend effort and time to get a good workout on the treadmill. And because it requires either running or walking, the treadmill requires a certain form of exercise. The HealthRider H75t Treadmill will need to be connected to an electrical power supply. We were not able to find information on the amount of assembly required. But given the complexity of the device, it seems very little assembly would be necessary.

HealthRider appears to be a brand name owned by NordicTrack. HealthRider products are available from NordicTrack’s website. The HealthRider H75t Treadmill features a lifetime warranty on the frame and motor. Other parts are under warranty for 1 year.

• HealthRider H75t Treadmill appears to be a simple machine with some great features and a lot of potential.
• HealthRider H75t Treadmill work is good for cardiovascular performance.
• HealthRider H75t Treadmill comes with a lifetime warranty.

• Some consumers will likely consider HealthRider H75t Treadmill expensive.
• HealthRider H75t Treadmill offers only a 1 year warranty on parts.
• HealthRider H75t Treadmill will be bulky and heavy for an in home exercise device.

MSRP is listed at $1,499. At the time of this review, NordicTrack was selling the HealthRider H75t Treadmill for $799. Consumers can shop around for more competitive pricing and the most ideal shipping rate. The price range is obviously wide, so there is plenty of potential for finding an affordable deal.

The HealthRider H75t Treadmill could best be described as an in home treadmill with a commercial motor and a lot of special features. Consumers interested in spending this type of money on in home fitness products will have many similar treadmills to compare. Finding the right treadmill will be important for fitness efforts, as the treadmill is one of those standard pieces of equipment that can really make a difference. Compare the HealthRider H75t Treadmill to its competitors and choose the product and arrangement that is best for you.

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