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Fab Abs
Review Summary
Many dieters are plagued by a belly with too many rolls and not enough tone. If you identify your stomach as your number one trouble zone, you are certainly not alone. This part of the body is notoriously hard to tone, but it is not impossible to achieve and see real flatten stomach results. There are many, many different programs and diets now on the market which specifically claim to whittle away that unwanted belly fat. One such program is the Fab Abs (Six Week Workout) book written by Anita Bean, who is promoted as a leading health nutritionist. We will take a closer look at Fab Abs below to see how it claims to help people reach their flatten stomach goals.

The Fab Abs book is touted to work as an exercise guide. The book features a series of illustrations and is aid to be designed to be toted around the gym so that users can have it on hand as they work out. This book features dozens of different exercises that are explained step by step, in tandem with the illustrations. While the title of the book promises to target and burn belly fat, the program as a whole also targets other trouble zones, such as the legs, bum, and arms.

Currently, Fab Abs (Six Week Workout) can be purchased for about $5 to $10. Anita Bean also sells another book called Better Body (Six Week Workout), which sells for around the same price.

Online retail websites post descriptions of this book and its contained program. The book is also featured on Anita Bean’s official website. These online descriptions point out that in addition to exercise guidance, this book also outlines a smart eating plan that will reduce fat and fuel the body in a healthy way. Bean states that this is an important component to any weight loss plan.

Final Facts
Bean does insist that the Fab Abs workout guide is more than capable of helping people flatten stomach and get rid of unsightly belly bulge. The book is said to be easy to use, and the essential guide to getting in shape. Bean also claims that the book is touted to utilize the most effective exercises there are when it comes to toning and building lean muscle. At the end of the six weeks, those people who follow the plan are said to achieve a leaner, fitter body and major boosts in their overall confidence.

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