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Captain's Chair

Exercises that are designed to help flatten stomach muscles could be divided into two groups, those that do not require equipment and those that do. The Captain’s Chair exercise is of the latter sort. Thus, if a person does not have access to a Captain’s Chair apparatus, he or she cannot really perform this exercise. However, for those who do have one at home or at the gym they belong to, the exercise is said to be relatively easy to learn, though it may not be so easy to perform.

The Captain’s Chair is an upright metal frame with two padded arm rests. As the individual uses the armrests and accompanying handles, his or her legs should be suspended in the air. From this position, the individual brings his or her legs upward, drawing both of the knees toward the chest. It is important to perform the motion slowly. In fact, the more slowly it is performed, the harder it is and the more it will flatten stomach muscles. The Captain’s Chair exercise is certainly not going to be easy, especially for novice exercise participants. Those who have the time, energy, and ability to perform it should find that it particularly works a central muscle called the rectus abdominis, among other muscles.

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